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Lady of Shalott

This song is by A Dream of Poe and appears on the EP Lady of Shalott (2010).

Weave the tread of our fall
Blind of all flesh from your beloved Camelot
It's the curse of the Lady of Shalott

"God in His mercy lend her grace"

Outcast from the world I have become
Looking into a mirror to see Camelot
It's the burden of the Lady of Shalott

But when the curse falls down upon us
We will burn together
Under rain, the wickedest of weather
And sail, pale white, onto Camelot
Dead by the side of the Lady of Shalott

I'll crawl to the sun
The mirror is cracking now
Silent and broken I've become
From the weaving of my pain
Curse my life and the mark of Cain
For no more shall the Lady of Shalott
Sit quietly longing for dear old Camelot

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