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The Art Of Martyrdom

This song is by A Dead Silence and appears on the EP Catharsis (2012).

Ought there be justice? Let us scrutinize these said pages of faith
Fail to follw and genuflect to none
They are everything we never expected, Replace the cotton with barbed wire and tighten
A whole new era of evil has risen, Mercy is no longer an obligation but a life-line
A brand new procedure must now take place, The tables will turn and the time will be soon
For the world to throw your beliefs back in your faces, For the world to shove your beliefs back into your faces, I'll be taking this one to the grave
Thine intentions are flowing with distaste, and laced with spite
How can you serve when you've taken the fruits of life? Now with damnation upon all things glorious, Our streets reek of profanity greater than ever before
This is pure blasphemy at its finest, The gods look down in fear
Two centuries of endevouring wasted while the answer to life was clear
This is pure blashpemy of the highest order

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