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Oh, Emperor Of Patricide

This song is by A Dead Silence and appears on the EP Catharsis (2012).

Oh Emperor of patricide, Spectate the ascension of falsehood
Hear historys cry for dissolution
Witness providence meeting reality
Bow before me, I am the bearer of aversion, for I am the leader of extirpation, As I am the executioner of the delicate and the lord of undeniable fate
You can trust I'll bring forth utmost devastation
I am forever surrounded by nothing of the eroded, The abandonment of rapture and contentment flooded through all uneased souls
Witness genocide
Bow before the reign of the inferior father of distaste
Leaving a baron wasteland of corruption and guilt to exist, Until kingdom come mankind may rest in a grave swamped with regret
Kneel before the prescence of repulsion, Prostate before the throne of hopes abandon
Behold my legacy of untold indelicacy

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