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Compilation by various artists.
Disc One
  1. Evil by Edgar Broughton Band
  2. Listen, Learn, Read On by Deep Purple
  3. Druid One by Third Ear Band
  4. Station Song by Pete Brown and his Battered Ornaments
  5. Rainmaker by Michael Chapman
  6. Singing a Song in the Morning by Kevin Ayers
  7. Foresaking Our Captain Cried by Shirley & Dolly Collins
  8. Careful With That Axe Eugene by Pink Floyd
  9. Armchair Theatre by Tea and Symphony
  10. Big Bear Ffolly by Bakerloo
  11. Round and Round by Panama Limited Jug Band
  12. Octopus by Syd Barrett
  13. The Painter by Deep Purple
  14. Country Morning by Pete Brown & Piblokto!
  15. Francesca by Roy Harper
  16. Bad Penny by Forest
  17. Backwood Theme by Chris Spedding
  18. Real Cool World by The Greatest Show on Earth
  19. Breathe by Ron Geesin & Roger Waters:Music From The Body (1970)
  20. Taking Some Time On by Barclay James Harvest
Disc Two
  1. There's No Vibrations but Wait by Edgar Broughton Band
  2. Soulful Lady by Michael Chapman
  3. Entropy by Quatermass
  4. Black Sheep of the Family by Quatermass
  5. Grass by The Pretty Things
  6. Salisbury Plain by Shirley & Dolly Collins
  7. Embryo by Pink Floyd
  8. Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave by Dave Mason
  9. Speed King by Deep Purple
  10. Magic Woman Touch by The Greatest Show on Earth
  11. Aeroplane Head Woman by Pete Brown & Piblokto!
  12. Baby Lemonade by Syd Barrett
  13. Don't You Grieve by Roy Harper
  14. October 26 by The Pretty Things
  15. Song from the Bottom of a Well by Kevin Ayers
  16. First Leaf of Autumn by Michael Chapman
  17. Call Me a Liar by Edgar Broughton Band
Disc Three
  1. She Said by Barclay James Harvest
  2. South Africa by Roy Harper
  3. Evening over Rooftops by Edgar Broughton Band
  4. Do Ya by The Move
  5. When the City Sleeps by Bombadil
  6. Lady Rachel (1972 Version) by Kevin Ayers
  7. 10538 Overture by Electric Light Orchestra
  8. The City (Part III) by Mark-Almond
  9. Spaceship by Spontaneous Combustion
  10. Macbeth (Overture) by Third Ear Band
  11. Fresh Air (Excerpt) by Jan Akkerman
  12. Twelve Hours of Sunset by Roy Harper
  13. Wells Fargo by Babe Ruth
  14. Showdown by Electric Light Orchestra
  15. Jet Silver and the Dolls of Venus by Be Bop Deluxe

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