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Bury Me Deep/1959

This song is by ASP and appears on the EP Hunger (2005).

Call it superstition
Followed and fell
Under the falling
Under the spell
Bury me
Bury me

Spoken in tongues
Of many colors
In the colors of Heaven
And the colors of Hell
In the cannot
Would not tell
In the broken
Temple bells
In the ringing
Oh Marian
I can hear those voices singing

Bury me
Lie beside and
Bury me deep

Cover me over
Not borrowed
Broken and torn
On the bed tomorrow mourning
Before you sleep
Bury me deep

Bury me
Lie beside and
Bury me
Bury me
Bury me
Bury me deep

Living as an angel in the place that I was born
Living on air, living in Heaven
Giving the lie down, the line to the
There's my Heaven

And I know which way the wind blows in 1959
Which way the wind blows in 1959

And the wind blows still
And the wind blows wild again
For a little child can never kill this clean, this way
And it feels like me today
Tell me, do you feel the same, Isabel?

Or do you feel like 1959?
Do you feel like 1959?

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