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Texas Ruby

This song is by A.J. Croce and appears on the album Fit To Serve (1998).

She climbed on to my street car
Just before it turned St. Charles
More woman than I've ever seen
And she was wrigglin' outa her jeans
It must have been a hundred and three
Cause it was August down in New Orleans
She looked right through me
Said excuse me
Introduced me
Texas Ruby is my name
It was nothing but a string bikini
That was underneath them old blue jeans
And her t-shirt was soaking wet
It's only natural that the woman would sweat
But she took it off and tossed it away
Lord I was struggling for something to say
She said you really must excuse me
These old clothes are sticking to me
Texas Ruby is my name
Texas Ruby
Lord she put it to me
That lone star beauty
Known as Texas Ruby
How was a California boy to know
She made a living stripping out of her clothes
And although she had never knew me
Or how she was getting to me
Texas Ruby blew my mind
Later on down on Bourbon street
You'd never guess who I chanced to meet
It's not so much that I recalled the face
But all the other parts were right in place
And when she saw me standing by the bandstand
Well she reached out and took my hand
She said I usually don't perform
On a street car down St. Charles
But New Orleans heat just got to me
Texas Ruby
Lord she put it to me
That lone star beauty
Known as Texas Ruby
Now every time I climb on street car
That's rattling down St. Charles
I'm just a boy of seventeen
On his first day in New Orleans
Seeing thing he'd never dreamed he'd see
From a girl who said excuse me
Showed it all then introduced me
Saying Texas Ruby is my name
Lord her memory drives me insane
Texas Ruby was her name

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