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Consequences (The Long One) - 2: The Millionaire

This song is by A.C.T and appears on the album Silence (2006).

I'm the one
All mine
I won
This is mine
That morning I woke and the sun was shining
Dust in time to take the change to shivers
I'm never late

Just back
This is me
I'm the king
The money is mine and it always will be
Drank my coke and just like that I bought it
Was one out of fee

The world is mine
I can be everything
Oh, All joy
My life is finally complete

Now I can face them in any town
Feel no poverty in for charity
People, I'm divine

Can it be
What is this
It's a sin
The joy that I felt it's totally gone
Too much friends the scent I'm not the strange
I'm not alone

Step back
Go Away
I can't breath
I'm choking my people and say they need
Can't think straight, I'm so confused
It lingers, I'm going insane

Answer shame
My life's becoming a mess
Sad but true
Money can't buy no success
Wish that I never had made that train
Fate is laughing at me
I want my life back as it was

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