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Tallapoosa Bound

This song is by A.A. Gray and Seven Foot Dilly and appears on the compilation Times Ain't Like They Used to Be: Early American Rural Music, Volume 2 (1997) and on the compilation album Seven Foot Dilly (1929-1930) (1997) by John Dilleshaw.

Going back to Tallapoosa
Don't like these flat woods
All out the tall pines and red hills
Boy that's a frolicking country
Have a breakdown and reel night
I seem to hear something calling me now
Well maybe I got a gal up there who knows?
Those red hills where the tall pine grows
That's the place, the home of the yellow legged chickens
Boy I like my chickens brown
Hot biscuits
Sugar in my coffee
Crackling corn bread
Baked potaters
Sausage, spare ribs and backbones
Oh boy is it alive
I think I'll catch the next train back
As the train ______ I'll get me a meal
Such fiddlin'

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