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Streak of Lean, Streak of Fat

This song is by A.A. Gray and Seven Foot Dilly and appears on the compilation Times Ain't Like They Used to Be: Early American Rural Music, Volume 1 (1997) and on the compilation album Seven Foot Dilly (1929-1930) (1997) by John Dilleshaw.

I hear music
That old tune
Streak of lean, streak of fat
Boy I've dance to me ______ after that
Listen to that man play that Tennessee chicken
What you mean ___ bow feed at the same time
Boy he likes his Cincinnati chicken
Bow crazy
Ain't gonna live long now
Remind me when I used to carry that Johnson gal around those dances
Such fiddlin'
Never heard nothing like it before
Boys I take a streak of lean and a streak of fat on that



"Streak o' Lean, Streak o' Fat" refers to the two types of the dish salt pork, the meatier streak o' lean or the pure-white, full fat version.

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