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This song is by A-Ko.


Now I'm not saying any names but we both know who you are.

You'll always be my favorite mistake the first one to break my heart.

I try not to think about time we shared or ever miss your tender touch.

Because thinking back on months of pain to me you're never gong to mean too much.

And still I find myself feeling scared.

Thinking back on time we shared.

Because every time I touched your skin - I could feel myself fading within.

And every time I said goodbye.

Another part of me would die.

Leaving me here with so much hatred - my need for you has DISSIPATED!.

Its such a long time ago that this came to an end.

But the scars you left behind they just wont seem to mend.

And the hatred in my heart it will not go away.

I can't get close to anyone and it's your fault I'm this way.

All owed to you!

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