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New Groove Generation

This song is by 911 and appears on the album Moving On (1998).

Writers: McLaughlin/Constable/Brennan/Dawbarn
Eight o'clock and moving close
Now we're dressed to kill ready to go
'Cause tonight we're in the mood
So hold on tight
This roller coaster's cutting loose
There ain't no way we're holding back
Gonna raise the roof and that's a fact
So don't stop, no time to lose
Get on board, this hurricane is coming through
Raise your hands and get counted in
Swing your body, shake it down now
So don't think twice
Join the celebration
First class ticket to a positive vibration
So feel the vibe all across the nation
Say yeah to the new groove generation
We're no angels there's no lie
We're gonna party till the end of time
If getting down is our only crime
We plead guilty and we're not afraid to do our time
Spread the word get ready to begin
Feel the power, here we go again
A little taste of heaven, can you feel it?
That's what you've been given
Chorus till end

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