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Broke Is Not Fun

This song is by Unknown Artist.

I be talkin' this shit like I'm gonna change the rap game
But these motherfuckers don't even know my name
Everyone may think my shit all sounds the same
But forreal if you been through some of the shit I've been through
U would act, walk, talk, and think the same way I do
U gotta understand that I'm tired of having a lack of funds
Reaching down into my pockets and pullin out a wad of ones
This world gets more matierialistic with every day
And all you hang on every word that I say, so y would I play
I'm not here to fancy yal out and impress a town
I don't need to worry about that
I got bigger things to worry about now
All I'm lookin' for in this world is a change
To make me feel better I'm tired of hustlin and bustlin
And strugglin all that shit is getting old and making me cold

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