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What's Lost Is Tomorrow

This song is by 8 Foot Sativa and appears on the album Season For Assault (2004).

Suffocated with no way out
Caught in an eternal time frame
Desperate for a new connection
Reaching out I'm blinded
It seems to me I have no future
When what's lost is tomorrow
I've been out ruled I can't move forward
Never, ever again

Time, the time has come
To destroy what's inside
The black of my mind
I can forsee
What's in your eyes
There's no time
F*** it all

Victimised and strangled fuck this
Take away my existence
Punishment is what you're seeing
A new life for me it's over
Believe in this you will stand grieving
I'll snap your back for this s***
Once free I'll enjoy torture
Forever, never again

It's not forgotten

Blood red, you'll gag
I'll rip your throat
Before you choke
And grind this dagger through your head

I breathe, I bleed I see
What's become of me
All these thoughts have brought
The evil out in me
I don't want to live
On this filthy ground
I just want to die, want to die

Mutilated you crawl while bleeding
Revenge is so sweet, exhilirationg
Dominated, crushed by my hate
Look into my eyes and beg for your life
Your arrogance has dissipated
Self appointed my blood lust cravings
Draw your last breathe and see the passion
I smile your body is limp and lifeless

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