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The Abused

This song is by 8 Foot Sativa and appears on the album Season For Assault (2004).

It's time to fight

Life is getting harder each day
And we try to get along
But there's always somebody out there
That keeps pushing us around
What else can we do
Lets take away there lives
And stick them with a knife

This may sound crude to you
But we have no other choice
All you need is the balls to do it
Then watch that person bleed
I don't think they'll find
A better state of mind
Living is abuse
So what else can we do

Fuck them
We fucked them

Why don't we all think before
We do abusive things
Think of all the people we harm
Doesn't this mean a thing
Total self control
Who gives a fuck at all
Just because you havn't been abused
You're surely not excused

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