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For Religions To Suffer

This song is by 8 Foot Sativa and appears on the album Season For Assault (2004).

People believe in their god to see
Corrupting others for their beliefs
Pathetic you're deluded by sin
Forged for death you suffer for him
You look up to god and beg to forgive
But your twisted heart forbids you to live
Your rigid knots of hate and shame
For your mistakes it's others you blame

I just live and bleed for
Religions to suffer
Why can't you just see that
God was a sinner
It was rape that caused your
Holy messiah
If she had a brain stem
SHE WOULD'VE KILLED HIM (with an abortion)

Darkness entwines as you feel the pain
The cancer of life eats at your veins
A higher power for life you grasp
But unanswered prayers tear you like glass
You think he has power and rules the earth
Fighting for whores who created your birth
Your soul burns with twisted faith
For sexual sickness that god craves

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