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Look At Tha Grillz

This song is by 8Ball.

Look at the grill (x4)
This for them niggas with the bank roles,(look at the grill on my pimp mobile)
This for my niggas with the pretty cars,(look at the grill on my pimp mobile)
This for my niggas who got all the hoes,(look at the grill on my pimp mobile)
This for my niggas who don't give a fuck,(look at the grill on my pimp mobile) (x2)

(Hey, grand hustle, bad boy south, lets ride nigga)

Chevy, super clean, two or three screens,
Watch a bigga be, to the left I lean,
50 karats in the crown, niggas no more sceam
Just to let you sucker niggas know, I'm the king,
This green, I smoke, we call it drow,
Its dead-liest, from memphet Tenn,
You see my folk, we ain't no joke,
Don't turn this 'to a murda scene,
I'm paranoid, tone misquoted,
Been shootin out since my early teens,
But ima drop dat note, grab me under sixteen,
You can bring all tha niggas you wanna bring,
Hey, I thought you was runnin' things,
All you did was run the screens,
Must be out his mind, think a tip wont touch him,
See it on tha bush, let it burn like Usher,
Click, click, bang, you can end tha discussion,
Ain't shit sweet, 'cause I seen you unpleasant,
I still would spray broad day ain't nothing,
The lilac, one AK doin' something,
I'm immuned to tha drama,
Act a foo' if ya wonna,
Lean in my pocket, 40 calb. by tha' stomach,
He actin' like he want it, ima show a nigga somethin',
Somebody finna have to put a ??? to his momma
I don't tolerate suckas who be tryin' me,
It take a special typa nigga to defies me,
Similar to 8ball and mjg, been comin' out hard since '93,
Niggas know, ain't no out shinnin me,
I been tha G you tryna be,
I mob wit gorillas, squaders, and robbers, and killers,
True niggas gonna ride wit me

Take a look at my wheels, rollin' through tha south,
Still spinnin and I'm still smokin' heavy,
Look at both of my grills,
My mothafuckin mouth lookin' jus like tha rims on tha chevy,
Pimp twist, I'ma playa, still,
Ballin' in tha' game come major bills,
Come and take a trip wit me through Hater ville,
On some 24 omegas and a gator grill
Fuck a twist, fuck you bitch,
I don't really wanna have to bust you bitch,
Roman gold shine so hard
Niggas out here know they can't touch that shit,
I don't trip, niggas pull up,
I be lookin' proud when I bust that dutch,
'Specially when I look at tha mac in tha black cadillac,
And tha bubbles in tha hummer truck,
When you see a nigga cruise through,
Niggas try to jack you and loose my coup is by the kennel wheels,
And mothafuckas wanna take my style,
Cause niggas out here know I'm only fuckin' wit tha bonnet grills,
And the haters wanna see me fall,
How can I let y'all niggas play me,
Shited on them good,
Then pull up from my vehicle while bumpin 8ball and mjg,
Twista bitch, and I'm from tha Chi,
Wit my memphis connect and I ain't goin' lie,
We be specializin in and only comin' up wit dope shit
And pullin up in cool whips that's fly,
Still drank, still blow, then I creep though tha hood real slow,
While I bump kamikaze shit, while I scream look at my grill hoe,

Old grill smile, wilin out up in the V.I.P.
The club close at 5 o'clock, we pullin around 3,
Wood grain, wheel gripp-in, Cinderella sipp-in,
I like my jewelry golden, like a piece of friend chicken,
Money players is demon like I'm willy beamin,
Like a bitch that practice suckin dick and drinkin' semen,
She screamin', dreamin', wishin she could be my number one,
Forever young, mama I just wanna have some fun

Don't you ever try to take my cash from,
You might as well jump off a cliff you fuckin' crash dummy,
Like that's my last money,
This for my niggas who be bussin back to perpetrators,
We don't driscriminate, we'll hurt you now or hurt you later,
But I ain't worried, ill smoke one on you fuckin' hatas,
And now I'm hiddin gators on tha refrigerator,
Down south memphis tenn pimpin' gotta repp it,
Tha third I did, that nigga rug, ?????

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