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The Next Big Thing

This song is by 818 and appears on the album Back To Resource (2002).

Met her last night at the party
She won't remember me
I don't know why I'm even trying
It's all to plain to see
That she doesn't even care about me
Or the things I'd say
And even if I asked her out I know
She would smile and walk away
Why do they always choose the wrong guys
And I don't think I'm going to be the one this time
And I don't even know why she's always on my mind
But it's time to move on
Down the line
Say goodbye
She doesn't like me this I'm sure
I'll pretend that it's okay
That every time I talk to her
She forgets my name
I'm going to go on knowing
That she's just a waste to time
But I'll still go and hold out with hope
That I'll make her mine

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