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This song is by 80,000 Dead and appears on the album St. Mary's Virus (2007).

Now our recent fate has been borrowed
Taking everything
But I am taking back your freedom
You will not be heard, a day apart
Loyalty? I will cast out your life
Loyalty? taken away from me
The new day, there is an enemy
What will you take away from me? What will you, take from me? What has been taken?
What was, taken from me? Mine enemy
What has been taken from me? Fuck you
I will fight you with every ounce of strength
I will be your hope
I'll take you down with me
I will fight you, with every ounce of strenth that I have
There will be no hope, I'll take you down with me
Thine enemy, I am everlasting, Murder by design
I will resist this ailment, you're free now

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