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This song is by 7th Reign and appears on the album 7th Reign (2007).

Free your mind, don't let it slip away
Open your eyes, to all that you crave
Throughout your live, you let chance slip away
Looking through time, can't erase the pain

There is no fear tomorrow
There is no fear today

Find a way, to leave it all behind
All you say, means nothing in the end
It's all that you could never, ever understand
This feeling inside, is nothing that you could ever pretend

Visions and dreams are calling
Behind me the world is falling
There's no turning back I know now
You've got to hold on and on, believe

Believe, it's the only way to find the mysteries lie deep inside
Believe, on broken wings we fly, leave your sorrow far behind
Believe, we hold the key to all the answers to our lives
If we believe

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