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Fall Again

This song is by 7days and appears on the album The Weight Of The World (2006).

I walk in the light of a saviour
And m heart is pure, (the) truth is burning within me
I confes in the blood of remission
Unrighteousness is leaving me again

Time is slippig away, you're waling in the dark.
You're roaming round in fear

Oh, yes I will fall again,
But I will never fear this darkness
Oh, cause you are my tourniquet,
And in your name I'll pierce the darkness

I look towards the future
An earth that's calm, free from the raging sea
Our time's not remembered,
Not in our minds. Even hidden from your eyes

Time is slipping away, you're walking in the dark.
You're roaming round in fear

No, I will not fall again
I won't have to face this darkness
No, I will not fall afain
The voice of weeping will be no more

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