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My Band, Our Crew

This song is by 7 Seconds and appears on the album Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over! (2005).

I think our thing is good
Not everybody should
Made some choices,
Stuck with them
Have never regretted
Not one single moment
Not one single minute

Worked hard to find our way
Fought just to have our say
And we have you to thank for the years of support
From deep in my heart
Will never forget this

I sing this song for you
This one goes out to my band and to our crew
No better thing to do
I give it up to my band and to our crew

It's been a long, long time
Looks like it's turned out fine
When we made the decision
To follow our vision
Would it have been better to bend under pressure?

I'm glad we stuck it out
Survived the floods and drought
You might not understand
I'm not sure that you can
It's a family
A band
Hope it all never ends

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