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Looking for Somebody

This song is by 7 Mile and appears on the album 7 Mile (1998).

I was looking all around me
For that special one
Whom I could share my life with
We could have big fun
But all I saw around me
Were material girls
Heading for the parties
Till I found my Black pearl

I was looking for somebody
Not just anybody
I'm so glad I found it in you
I just want to be around you
Build my world around you
I'm so glad I found her in you

Wanted me a lady
A flower in bloom
To bring home to mama
On a Sunday afternoon
Somebody I could talk to
Who would understand
A woman who could change me
Into a better man

Everybody needs someone
I'm glad I found that someone in you
And only with you
You won't ever have to be alone
Your lonely days are over girl, it's true
Somebody loves you

(Chorus until fade)


Written by:

Gordon Chambers J-dub

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