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In Wolves Clothing

This song is by 7 Generations and appears on the split EP Die Young / 7 Generations (2005) by Die Young and 7 Generations and on the album To See The End (2008).

As we grovel at the feet of our enemy
Begging for our day to bask in their light
Whoring ourselves out to every master we are sworn to dethrone
We forsake our destiny, our birthright: To tear their world apart at the seams
We are a wolf-pack, howling of our own dread Baring our claws and fangs while shaking with fear
Timid at the sight of a flock of sheep we were born to hunt
We eat their scraps, beg at their heels and obey their rules
We've been tamed and mastered by our prey
And if we look like them
And if we act like them
And if we believe their lies
And if we live their lives
Then we are nothing more than sheep in wolves clothing

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