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This song is by 7 Generations and appears on the album To See The End (2008).

Savior, shed none of your blood for me, for you are not my Christ
I have tasted the bland and lifeless swill of your salvation and I spit it out
When I offered you love, it was never enough
And I gave you faith until I had none left
But now I see you for what you are
Not the prince of peace, just the king of slaves
Father, I deny you that name, for I am not your son I have lived in the light of your heavenly love, in all of its glory it was as cold as death
You would break my spirit and demand praise
You would curse my heart and call it love
If this is the fruit of your holy kingdom, I want none of it I would rather burn
Speak not of the devil, yours is the face of True evil.

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