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This song is by 702 and appears on the album Star (2003).

Here we go again, you're about to cry
I'm about to listen to another nigga's lie
Everytime you call you want good advice
And every time you ask I tell you everything's all right
First you let it go, and gave him one more chance
This time makes number three, it's a different circumstance
Women on the side, baby's mamas too
This time I can't hold back, I think he's runnin' game on you

If you don't know where your man is
And he left you home with both of your kids
Girl your man's a hoe, a playa, certified hoe (hoe hoe hoe)
If he can't call home to explain
And all of a sudden everything has changed
Girl your man's a hoe, a playa, certified hoe

You say your man gets off from work at nine
So why'd he turn his cell phone off till one o'clock at night
I'm tryin' to tell you like a friend
That if you think you smell fish you do, girlfriend, he's been cheatin' on ya
Don't take a blind man to see
That you're just holdin' on for what you wish that this could be
But see, every man's got his own set of rules
Lines that he won't cross if he's bein' true to you

See I don't want to come across
Like I'm comin' down on all of my playas
But if you got a family waiting at home
You should be there, you should be there
This goes out to all of my ladies
And the fellas waiting for someone they love to come home
If they're not there and they should be there
Then it's certified (certified) he's a certified hoe

W/ ad libs till fade out

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