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This song is by 5 Days Ahead and appears on the album As Life Passes You By... (2002).

You say those words to me
But do you know what they mean?
Or is it just because?
Yesterday you were normal
Today you're oh so happy
What the hell is goin' on

You tell me this is a special day
And I don't really care
You want me to tell you everything
I got a secret I wanna share

I don't wanna be your valentine
I'd rather bleed until I died
I don't really care if you cry or not
I'll still be the same
Why can't you understand?
I don't wanna be your valentine

It makes no sense to tell someone you love them
Just because it's valentine's day
I'd rather hang out with my friends
And bomb couples with chiclets till they ran away

Call me anti-love
Call me a stupid jerk
Try everything you can
It's never gonna work

You can kiss me under the stars
Say that I'm always in your heart
It's not gonna change a single thing
You'll still hear me say...

I don't wanna be your valentine

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