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You Should Be Here

This song is by 50 Cent.

Kid:Yeah (?)
Banks 50
Go you should be here wit me bitch, you should come and make me rich, girl you know girl you know you drive me crazy dat g da pimp, girl you know you drive me crazy you should be here wit me bitch, 50
Brite and early in the mornin come up short with my money and for sure I'dll kick yo ass bitch (You should be here) bitch
You fuckin' wit dem other niggaz but you know you love a nigga switch to a pimp (You should be here)
You fit into my stable of hoes you from
Atlanta I'dm from
York but I'dm throwin' dem bows (You should be here)
Take 'em out! right here next to me girl I know you tired of fuckin' for free
You should be that bitch that cum every time I call, you should be down on your knees tryna break me off, you should be dat bitch dat buy me shyt all the time, you should be my bottom bitch out on the grind
Bussin ya ass whether spring or summer I'dm a winner I ain't a regular nigga hoe (You should be here) (You should be here)
Running wit a pro I ain't a beginner nigga, niggaz know
WHAT you want a percentage no
Walkin' this smack rain hail sleet snow anything to speed up the process of da cas flow the asshole (You should be here)
Catching a date and break it to keep me straight even if you gotta take it in
Look I don't really need you I get my dough bitch I got some coupes I got some 50 cent: (You should be here) jeeps I got some more shit I stay wit some hoes 'cause I use the tools I keep a benz I keep some rims and I stay wit some jewels (You should be here) I'dm internationally known everybody know me way down in
Magnolia they feelin' me (You should be here) whoodie
But you can catch me in
Houston wit
Bun and
Cee or in
Miami wit
Luke in
V.I.P (Raphael
Sadiqq sings)

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