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Then Days Went By

This song is by 50 Cent and appears on the album Before I Self Destruct (2009).

(50 Cent)
Leave me alone,
I ain't f-ckin with nobody,

Keep f-cking with me you gon turn back to booboo,
Had me casing out your crib,
Tryna pop your f-cking noodles,
She was 20 I was 12,
Man my nana said she raped me,
I just smiled from ear to ear saying take it baby take it,
Since high school, n-gga I ain't got no friends,
I got 2 3 80's like the ying yang twins haaaaaaaaank,
That's spot clickin till the D's run in
Then its bail money and lawyer fees you got to have ins,
In freshman year I had that CBR hurricane
And an ill herrin bone I got 'em slinging heroin,
I shoot a n-gga in a heartbeat I ain't no chump,
Then you can run forest run, retard when I dump,
Don't take kindness for weakness, n-ggas don't respect that,
So me I'm with that ruger, that pump and that tech at,
So look at me I'm on that,
I thought we was rich then,
Shipment man, you had like 20 bricks in rich man,
We was in cocaine heaven,
I was fishcal dreaming,
We just got into town,
We was strapped up scheming,
First country caught a body, then country got a body,
I popped a couple n-ggas then country shot everybody,
Its cold blooded,
Its real shit you got to love it,
Tree eight snub it, and don't think nothin' of it
It's the way of the wolves
That's how they train us to move,
Get it poppin' when we shopping, n-gga hold down the tools,

I see niggas getting rich then days went by,
Then days went by,
Then days went by,
I was tired of not having shit,
Then days went by
Then days went by
Then days went by
I see niggas getting hit
Then days went by
Then days went by
Then days went by
We was slangin that sh-t
Then days went by
Then days went by
Then days went by

I bin sure since we was lil n-ggas,
Son since we was seven
Armed robbery, first degree my man did seven,
N-ggas popped his whip up,
Hit his cab when he was sittin',
He a lucky muth-fcker I bet he make it to heaven,
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My grandpa drunk, my uncle rock drunk,
My uncle champ on crack,
Smoke my f-cking stash up,
I had 250 grand stashed on the porch,
I mean how much you gon smoke man,
How much you gon snort,
First the vcr went, then the TV went,
He stole out of mommy purse,
She thought it was me kid,
I ain't ask for no money son 'cause I was out hustlin,
She was looking at me sideways like Imma thief or something,
That hurt me, come on son that wouldn't hurt you,
I pistol whip that n-gga till his face was purple,
I need anger management, see I hold onto a grudge,
The same way I hold onto that nickel plate snub,
The lord don't have imperfections baby,
So I think I'm perfect the way he made me,
Some say I'm cool, some say I'm crazy,
Some say I ain't sh-t some say I'm amazing,

Here I am,

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