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Put That In Work

This song is by 50 Cent.

It's a natural progression first you cut a nigga than you gun butt a nigga then you pull the trigga put that work in put that work in make it hot or die down do that shit again.

You know aunt killed my dog and never said sorry
Niggas broke in my crib and they stole my atari
Man niggas coulda asked I woulda let 'em hold a cartridge
I wasn't fuckin' wit nobody see how niggas start shit
Startin sellin crack I coulda been tiger woods but they ain't got no fuckin' golf courses in the hood
I said I'm sellin dope I don't regret shit
I'm sellin dope nigga that good shit

I was supposed to be a A student a valedictorian
Instead I'm in special Ed tryna fuck?
They didn't like my style they said they didn't like my style
Them same bitches want me now
In came the cash out with the cocaine
Virgin Mary medallion hangin' off my rope chain
Four finga ring nigga doin' his thing
You get a couple bitches after you get the bling

(50 talkin')

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