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Minds Playing Tricks

This song is by 50 Cent.

Mmm, yeah, uh
Mind playing tricks on me, man

It's a, regular day and a regular routine
Till I hear this tragic news from about two fiends
Your man 50, just got popped 9 times
And I heard through the grapevines it's all 'cause he rhymes

In front of his grandma I'm standin' on the lawn
Wearin' no Teflon, I wonder if he gone
I know in my heart I wanna cry
Havin' thoughts in my mind is my man gon' die?

As I frantically run towards 50 spot
I panicky peep like fifty cops
It was blue and whites, DT's and homicide
With yellow tape locked off on both sides

With four-fifth shells on the floor
And DT's ringin' doorbells, goin' door to door
Yo I'm stressed out, smokin' bogie after bogie
Duckin' the sarge 'cause the sarge fuckin' know me

I jumped in Jeep truck and got a mac to spit
And we did about a buck 'cause Mary Mack I lit
At the time, I started thinkin' back some shit
How we used to sling crack and stack our chips

With Kev, P-Low, Big Jewel the Kid
And my man 50 used to smack a bitch
And the good and the bad on the 1 3 4
And them hoes that we had on the Cash Money tour

Now I'm at the hospital, stop day-dreamin'
All I see is 5 5 1 and there's beefin'
Baby moms is screamin', whole family grievin'
But the word is that my man's still breathin'

I dropped to my knees and I thanked the Lord
And got a long shit list all across the board, motherf'


Written by:

Curtis Jackson; Yves Mondesire

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