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Ice Cream

This song is by 50 Cent.

Chrous (1x)
Come and get a scoop of my ice cream baby
Js got the flavors that I know will drive you crazy
Tonight its gone be like we was dreaming baby
Wont you taste my ice cream

Baby you know I got all the flavors that you want
Plus I got all the skills that I need 2 turn you on
Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate baby boy it's on
Now tell me can you picture my body on a cone

Baby come lay your body right here I want 2 ride it
Switch it up, turn it around now come on and get inside
Tonight ur gonna have so much fun while tasting my love
Tell me do you have a taste 4 vanilla waffers

Now boy it's getting late so don't hesitate let's get 2 it
Just put the chocolate factory CD on and watch me lose it
Come in my store looking candy now what is it that you want
Banannas, mixed wit peach, mixed with cherry, mixed with lime

Thoughts of all kind apples, and limen lime
Now come and try my coconut it's gonna blow ya mind
This is summin you wouldn't want 2 miss baby
31 flavors ain't got nuttin on this

U ain't neva seen milky water falls
U ain't neva seen gum drop walls
U ain't neva seen a vanilla tootsie roll
Till you taste my ice cream

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