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I Warned You

This song is by 50 Cent.

50cent: GG-UNIT

CHORUS: I warned you, told you not to push me pussy
See wat happens when you push me pussy
I warned you, told you not to f**ck around
Told you never listen, so you go ahead and fuck around.(x2)

Verse: I told y'all I crush em, I crush 'em it's nothing
I destroy him and any motherfucka they lovin'
Got my thinking cap on, now I'm sharp as a blade
Don't believe me you sit there and watch me get paid.
New game homie my next move is always my best move
Stricktigic I show you motherfucka's my chess move
Believe it I'm not that rapper nigga you used to
That hammer hit that shell that hollow tip will go threw you.
Contact hop, smoke from the cronic got me fellin damonic, shot one in the head for any nigga that want it.
I prepare for the worst, and wish for the best
40 cali on my hip, caline on my chest
It's simple math niggas get blast, D's canning it up, see the crime from the DA, mad as fuck.
Hit my voice form the wire tap, naw you can get me like that
So called avestigation, just 'cause time loosed wasted.
They call me palli, call me son, call me don dotta, 50 I break them off proper


Written by:

Curtis James Jackson; Yves Mondesire

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