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G-Unit Skit

This song is by 50 Cent and appears on the album No Mercy, No Fear (2002).

Ah you

What the fuck man, this that nigga banger man
No more fuckin' smurf, I got some wools with meman
Yah nigga, that's what's up
That's this nigga Jess, nigga AT
My motherfuckin nigga, wrong lee
Low, that nigga Ice, you know
109 got brew
Do or die, Ja, Star, woo
Big leaky leak, my brother Sweets, my nigga eddie
My niggas bang bang, my nigga 50,
G-unit all day
I'll buck a nigga for my nigga 50, that act up nigga
We got some wools with us niggas
Fuckin' faggots
We ain't no blood or a crip nigga
We doin' our own thing

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