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Deadly Devilz

This song is by 50 Cent.

Ok letz start from the little person from the book
You might say he is a crook
His name is lil tima
We chill wit him 'cause he a good rhyma

Next we got weedy
He ain't greedy
He'll kick ur ass fast
And you won't be the last

The next person we got is blackice
He good but he ain't no obie trice
He mad kool
For sure he ain't no fool

The last person we got is biggie dix
He'll kill you wit just a pair of stix
He plays fare
Jus don't look and stare

Now we jus named the Deadly Devilz
This ain't no game
So there ain't no levelz.
Together were the best team
Piss us off and we'll let out steem!

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