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Da Realest Killaz

This song is by 50 Cent.

There's gonna be some stuff you gonna see that's gonna make it
Hard to smile in the future.

Yeah, nigga! Haha!
Let's go, nigga!
This is what it is:
Tupac cut his hair bald, and you wanna cut your hair bald!
Tupac wears a bandana, you wanna wear a bandana!
Tupac gets crosses on his back, you wanna get crosses on your back
Nigga you ain't Tupac!

Isn't It money and women a funny beginning to tragic endings?
I could make a million and still not have enough for spending
And since my life is based on sinnin, I'm hell-bound
I'd rather be buried than be worried, livin' held-down

My game plans to be trained at military mind
Of a thug lord sittin' in a cemetery cryin
I've been lost since my adolescent callin from Jesus
Ballin as a youngsta wonderin if he's see us
Young black male crack sales got me three strikes
Livin' in jail, this is hell enemies die,
Wonder when we all pass, is anybody listenin?
Got my hands on my semi-shotty, everyone's snitchin
Please God can you understand me, bless my family
Guide us all before we fall into insanity
I'm makin' a point for my beat bumping warlike
Drop some shit to have you stupid bitches jaws tight

Till Makaveli returns it's all eyes on me.
And you can hate it or love it but that's what it's gon be
Should've listened, I told you not to fuck wit me
If you can't take the pressure that's what we gon see

This is a cry for mercy I promise my success will be the death of you
Lord and behold you sold your soul, nigga there's nothin' left of you
Look in the mirror
Ask yourself who are you, if you don't know who you are
How can your dreams come true, muthafucka?
I sit back and watched
You pretended to be Pac, you pretended to be hot
But you're not NOW!
You seas to a clique, you can't take the pressure, PUSSY!
I warn you not to push me!
You see me an chills run up your spine
God made menace in war, but your heart ain't like mine
And plus, they look at me like I'm a menace
I was playin' wit guns while your momma had you ???
I'm a nightmare you see me in your dream
Wake up and turn on the TV and see my ass again
You cowardly hearted you couldn't make it on your own
Fuck the Source! I'm on the cover of Rolling Stone!

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