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Biggie Beat Remix(9milimeter Version)

This song is by 50 Cent.

Yo we can't stay alive forever so till shit hit the fan we might as well
Die together I'm high as ever more hoes in one chedda g_unit move
Around with them pounds and berretas look fagget if I want it ima have
It no matter if ya hand it all I gotta do is grab it don't make a ass
Out of yo self tryna stop me I'm cocky raps rocky you know that I'm
3 levels above
You nigga I kugg you fuck you nigga takin' the wrong way to bravoke and
Rappin' bout niggas is only gunna leave you smoked! so the only thing
Left now is tosse for you cowards. talkin' shit till we bout to
Show 'em we powers. while we lay around dollas they lay around
If god was a gangsta we he check niggas for reffa or would he
Flip when I call a bitch like she's queen latifah . over here
We got nuff gold to snatch the street sweepa this shit could
Get uglier than a master p sneaker .I'm in choppa with prada on the
Chuckas I hate it when the bitches on sping break from college
Wanna fuckus I ain't here to drop knoledge on ya fuckas I get rock
Whilers on ya fuckas .ya probly heard of me fresh out of surgery

Flashy is a fuck you gunna hafta murder me uh niggas rather hate
You or love you when ya disappear I hit the sea with c-notes and fishin
Gear... still in the projects nigga?
You ain't goin' nowhere you gunna be in there for the rest of yo mutha
Fuckin' life and yo mama say I'm supposed to tell you somthing to
Encourage you well I ain't gunna lie to you muthafucka you ain't goin'

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