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Nigga Fuckit

This song is by 50/50 Twin and appears on the album Grown Man Style (2004).

(Feat. Big Pokey, Yung Ro)

(Hook: Yung Ro x4)
Well nigga fuck it (nigga fuck it)
Nigga fuck it (nigga fuck it)
If you mad so what, well nigga fuck it (nigga fuck it)

(Big Pokey)
Fuck it, I'm agg'd and tripping with this heater
I'm a Texas stampeder, M.O.B. ring leader
Crack fiend feeder, me and my niggaz we hoggish
If you feel froggish, jump get bit by these walrus
When my bullets be flipping, niggaz wings be ripping
When I unload the clip slipping, with seats unzipping
I'm a ditch digger, go rob and get rich nigga
The M.O.B. in this bitch nigga, we yanking your card
Bitch niggaz thinking they hard, but soft as a sponge
Don't make this twelve gauge barrel, cough at your lungs
I'm a mob boss handcuff her, or get your broad tossed
Kidnap her, then you gotta pay the mob cost
A bunch of these niggaz lost, a bunch of these niggaz lame
My assault rifles rain, and puncture these niggaz brains
Uncut cocaine, you know me
Sensei S.U.C., M.O.B

(50/50 Twin)
I don't Crip Walk, but I could make a person walk in cripple
Get out of line, 50/50 haul off and kill you
Tats on my flesh why, 'cause I'm a raw civilian
A hater wanna be fly, I throw him off a building
I ain't the club type, but if I go and plex follow
I buy the whole bar, and start throwing Moet bottles
Halfway home you get shot up, by my smoking wet partnas
I pull up like a mob boss, and choke your neck partna
When it come to these hoes, you already know
I keep they knees on the flo', let 'em swallow it and go
Taking flights for a show, I tape all my chicks with snow
I'm no Mr. Rogers rapper, I'm raw with this fa sho
Fuck insurance, a gat gotta come with my car
Come out at night like a vampire, bats might jump out my car
I kick my name out your mouth, then start stomping your jaw
If you looking for 50/50 black, come to that Nawf

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