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In a true In a true one, two, three, four uh
You never know where this music is gonna take you
Yeah please give me 4minute (It that keep)
I'll tell about it for you

The beat’s volume that’s running through the body
The Muzik we made only meant for you
The rhythm-holic which you cannot ignore
I will bring you anything you want, 4Minute Hey

What you know about make a future Ho
What you know about soul maker Hey
To the tell about it, stop posing if you don’t know
Ho 4Minute, louder, Let’s come

My sweet melody meant for the world
From this moment be awed by my dance, So hotty
I will show you, one two, Make a move
I’ll show it to you all, Uh

The Passion which people will remind you
L-Look at me, everyone Attention
It will be different from others, like a cute
New looks will surprise ya, Show Time.
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