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Macho Bitch

This song is by 4Lyn and appears on the single Husky (2002).


Clear the way for the head-huntin' bitch!
Bow down to the hardheaded bitch!
Close your eyes for the heavyhanded bitch!
Give up everything for this macho bitch!
Now break down and pay up!
Now she put you in handcuffs!
Now see what she has done to all your friends...
Macho bitch, the drama will never end!

On your knees, boy!
Beg her please, boy!
Break yourself, boy!
Scream for help...
It will get you nowhere.
Realize that you're trapped.
Without your balls you ain't no makk.
Kiss the concrete with bloody lips, and your girl goodbye, 'cause this is gonna be a long trip!


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