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Face Down

This song is by 4Lyn.

Hey mr. Pootbutt, mr. knowitbetter
With a donkeyhat and yo'name on it, u would look much better kid, yo. I'm so tired. don't want 2 hear ya no more, no more
Don't want 2 see ya no more, no more
So if you wanna go, then just go, yo.
Fukk u!and take da rest of ya crew wit cha...
Disapointed, what? 'Cause ya face is not on our picture
YO, u had da chance, but you gave it away
And I'm so happy we'll never make it like you use 2 say

Sorry boy-but we are too busy right now, handelin business the best way we know how

Sorry boy-u r no longer our guest, u gotta a kick outta house, so don't stress, baby...

Turn around! keep ya face down and go away!
Don't look so sad sunshine
Better days are about 2 come
Stand up early 4 yo firm and get yo job done
While we're chillin' on TV you are chillin' on ya chair
And while we're havin' tonz of fun you got ya miserable carriere This music will never sell, that's what you said But that has never been the point So stop bein mad If we never sell a copy, that's all right with us and If we will never get a trophy, that's aight wit us

Sorry boy- but we're too busy right now. Handelin business the best way we know how

Sorry boy ... u r no longer our guest you gotta kick outta house, so don't stress... (u gotta kick outta house so don't stress!) TURN AROUND, KEEP YA FACE DOWN... AND GO AWAY!

Believe me, your choice to go was the best thing that yould ever happen to us Nobody is missing you at all. That's for shure...

Keep your hands off
Keep your eyes off
Fuck off

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