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Let Your Kingdom Come

This song is by 4Him and appears on the album Visible (2003).

A little child is huddled in the corner
He is crying in the night
All he knows is that in spite of what they tell him
Everything is not all right

There's a war raging outside his window
There's a war raging inside his head
So he prays for what every child should have:
To be warm and safe and sleeping in his own bed

Let it rain
Let it fall
Let your kingdom come
Let it rain
Let it fall
Let your kingdom come
Let your kingdom come

There's a mother begging change down on Broadway
But the world keeps passing by
All she wants is just some milk for her baby
She and the baby both start to cry

'Cause he'll grow up in a culture of darkness
With a hunger he cannot name
And she wonders what can she do to save him
From all of the hurt and the lies and the shame

I still believe you are the hope in a hopeless world
I still believe you are the light we're looking for
I still believe
I still believe in You

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