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Wife You Up

This song is by 4Deep.

(Ice Kid)
Uh huh yeah yo
You something special babygirl
You know the kid's picky
Ya girls say leave him alone he mess with that sticky
But I only blow icky when these times get tricky
I put the bong to rest if you promise to stay with me
Never mind the Bobby and Whitney or the J.Lo and Diddy
I'm feeling lucky let's have 'em saying lady asking ducky
It's clear that you don't care about the cab (and why is that?)
'Cause you would say you up and leave if I didn't break my bad habits
You say we too young to wed
But how am I to know if every girl I meet just want me for my bread
I could have these other chicks but I want you instead
I massaged ya feet and gave you breakfast in bed damn it (ha ha ha)
I appreciate all you done for me
You're the one for me I love your company
Being on my own I couldn't condone
Don't ever leave me alone you and I we have a thing babe

Doot doot doot
Doot doot doot doot
Doot doot doot doot

Girl you're such a beautiful find
Can't get you off my mind
Time for me now to wife you up baby
Just you and me how we'll always be
Girl I'm in to deep
Time for me to wife you now baby

Yo yo now mami you're the perfect wifey type
I'm tryna calculate what my life be like
You showed me things I hate hell I might just like
You're so passionate them other chicks who acting they not accurate
I smash a bit to eave your nerves and put you in canaries
Till your girls called you tweetybird and thought you saw a putty cat
Naw ma that's just a sylvetser chinchilla we build extra twinwheelers
And spin reckless twinwheelers
So it'll never be a replica of me 'cause
Yup I'm the truest yet honest to you
It's my obligation to promise improvement
You used to be a distant picture now there's a clear resolution
You wanna stay away from problems here's the solution
Don't let your girlfriend fill your head with illusions
I'm real

(Lil Brotha)
Check aye I think it's about that time
That you and me express our minds
I've been dreaming about this day that I could make you mine
So fine, baby hold me down you better believe I got a lot of things to show
You know
Remember the the time we was first meeting too shy for speaking
But now we keepin' it gangsta comfortable we daily freakin
Baby boo it's funny how we've been through so much
Like I said I think it's about time that I wifed you up

Oh listen baby at first you were taken
You had me waiting but it was ok see
You moved on we started communicating
Few conversations got us to start dating
We took it slow 'cause I know you was pacing
Time passed by you started hesitating
And because of my occupation you thought I wasn't able to face a
Relationship but yo maybe you right
I'm dedicated to keep you in my life
I'ma do what I do to keep you by my side
Baby to be true I want you as my wife

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