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Go Crazy

This song is by 4Deep.

A.E. that's the initials of a pimp
The potential of my chicks
That's why these dudes hate me
'Cause I'm cool as A.C. in a brand new whip
Stretch it out just to add a few chicks lets go
Mami wanna ride I let her hit the flow
Like mami hop inside now liquid blow
While your lips sit low
Like watch your teeth ok there you go
I got baby open caramel tone skin
Back seat of the whip
Let your homie bone slim
In a cranberry six sitting on grown men
21 and up no matter what they gone spin
I'm fly oh baby oh my
When the kid come around you better hold your old lady
'Cause the kid so gravy
While she whisper in the ear
She like A.E. why you so crazy

Oh, everybody shout like you got no choice
Fly girls fly guys make some noise
Everybody in this jont go go go crazy
Whoa fellas represent your side
Ladies throw your hands up high
Do what you came to do tonight go crazy

It's M I 2 x L Y flow so ridiculous
Put me on a track guaranteed to be ripping it
It's gonna be so wicked and you know I be killing it
'Cause I'm the most illest kid
You better watch out 'cause I break ya neck
I flip mode and bust rhymes just to get respect
So leave your brain wet 'cause I ain't to be played with
So playa hold that, y'all playas know that
I'm only sixteen and I write my own raps
Y'all better watch your back 'cause these four cats
Is coming through playa how you love that
Y'all hatas know my name and
Know I'm off the chains and
Know I'm so fly like that Birdy Birdy Man and
And this homie ain't playing
Going going crazy
Y'all know what I'm saying

(Lil Brotha)
Lil Brotha be coming in many directions
Better not play with ya boy no testing
I'ma let you try you learning a lesson
Slanging and banging without protection
Never the less we keepin' it gangsta
Ain't even thinking 'bout you prangstas
"Aye lil brotha slow down..."
No thank you
Never gon stop, I'm never gon drop
I'm breaking their ears and leaving 'em shocked
We leaving the spot it's about to get hot
We hearing the cops they clearing the block
We pimping the forces with jerseys from the 80's
I know these playas hate me I've been going crazy lately

(Ice Kid)
Yeah go crazy jump stupid move it or lose it
Fly girls in the club if they spread it, I'm groovin em
Can't deny I'm oh so fly
Leave you in need of a girl like that P.Diddy guy
You know the name
Act like you know the crew
Gte out of line act like you know what these boys would do to you
No more comparing us to you know who...
Nu uh homie

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