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3rd Strike - Cities On Fire

This song is by 3rd Strike and appears on the album Lost Angel (2002).

My city's on fire
Modern day tragedy
Crime on the rise
Police brutality
My reality's B-A-D
'Cause the F-A-C-T of the matter's
Getting sadder

Check it
No unity in my community
Everyone for themselves
That's they way it's gotta be
Don't think twice in this false paradise
One step ahead
Or you'll end up dead

Burn up, burn up
My city's on fire
Step the fuck back
That flame's getting higher
Bleed with me, bleed with me
Bleed with me
Forever now
Done my time in a world fulla crime
It's my turn to watch Babylon burn
Bleed with me, bleed with me, bleed with me

Now you gotta pray to god 'cause it's on
Defeat from the street
Now I know I've been beat burning from the heat
Hotter than the flames of hell
Straight scorching me torchin' me
Dirty ashtray dreams, busting up scenes
It's everyone and everything
The effect is direct and clean, from the peasant to the king
No way out, this battle's more than we can handle
The town's a slaughterhouse and we're the fucking cattle

Soul shakedown
Headed for a breakdown
My town, your town
It's about to go down, throw down
Forget about tomorrow
'Cause you can't pay back all the time that you borrowed
It's too late, on streets of hate you await your fate
I tell you brother you were gone from the gate
Just another kid swallowed by the streets and retired
I can smell the smoke shit my city's on fire

We were cursed from birth, incarceration planet Earth
Sentenced to die and smile on the face of the outcry
Criminal-minded blinded, I'm barely getting by
Reminded, constantly I'm nowhere that I want to be
'Cause it's real in this battle field
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Eventually the other side
Will catch me slippin' on the tripwire

I can smell the smoke
Shit, my city's on fire
I can smell the smoke
Shit, my city's on fire
I can smell the smoke

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