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I'm Sorry

This song is by 3rd Storee and appears on the album Get With Me (2002).

I know I said it I know I did it
Maybe I went overboard to prove a point
But sometimes my pride get's in the way
Maybe I need sometime away to get my head together (yeaaa)

Maybe this was my last chance
I may never get to hold your hands again
I can say that I'm a better man
Becuz you made me understand
I'm so sorry that I tore your heart apart last night
And I'm sorry if I scarred you again today
I didn't mean to take your dreams and make them seem so trite
I sincerely, completely, apoligize for doin' wat I did

Everything you told me, and everything you showed me
It never seems that I would listen to anything
But you've got my attention more than you know
I've taken it, I've dealt wit it, but I've waited too late to use it

I've never ever been so shameful for wat I did
You made me now I think that I should have never did yeah yeah...
If you ever take me back again, I never wanted to burn this grave
If I could do it, I won't, I did, I'll never,
Mishandle you ever again, (yeah ah!)

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