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Clap Your Hands

This song is by 3rd Storee and appears on the album Get With Me (2002).

Yo, don't think y'all are ready for this one
We about to change it up a lil bit
Yeah, inter-t 3rd storee~ FELLAS!

Now what's you in the party for
If you can't get down on the floor
So what she ain't checkin' for ya
Don't let that one girl destroy ya
But every dime that's on the floor
There's about a hundred more
Steady comin' through the door
So what are you waiting for
You and your boys came to mac
Cause y'all know where the partys at
So hot you might suficate
But your not tryin' to leave this place
Got on your tightest gig
Competitions pretty thick
Grab that girl don't let her go
No matter if the song is fast or slow

That's right fellas, cause y'all came her to dance
Get off the wall
Let me see you wave your hands
That's right ladies, cause y'all came here to groove
Grab a fella that you like
Now everybody move

You might have to call the cops
Let me see you dance dance (dance)
Let me see your hands hands (hands)
Cause the party never stops

Clap your hands just a little bit louder
Stomp your feet if you came to party
If we all leave, and there ain't no troubles
We just want y'all to move your bodies


It's been goin' for hours now
You just got out the shower now
Get dressed unwrap your hair
Tell your girls you'll meat em' there
Jump in your ride, going, sixty-five
You in the mood to get crunked up, tonight

Front (front)
Back (back)
You got to move! (Side, Side, Uh)
Everybody in the mood...! (Left, Right)
Oh Oh oh oh oh oh oh ah ah ah ah ah yeah... ee!
Oh! Can you move! Can you move! Oh yeah yeah, hey!

(Chorus till fades)

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