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This song is by 3rd Bass and appears on the movie soundtrack Gladiator (1992).

This song contains a sample from "The Look Of Love" by Isaac Hayes.
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Pete Nice
Flip flip off the flow, what do you know, an ego
Not the three amigos, I'm peepin' 'em on the T-Vo
Pete Nice rippin' the mic, scramblin' up the egg whites
Scrubbin' a head, scrubbin' a head, I never had head lice
Flippin' the rhymes with Rich, collecting loot like a bookie
Lookin' at how you serve like an NBA rookie
A gladiator steps with bust and if he must
More force in his hand, turnin' stone to dust
Pullin' hook line and sinker like a fish you get
So stick a hook up my ass and pull some real shit
I'm like a juggernaut just goin' for your jugular
I'm like a two-bit hood just finished buggin' ya
I'm just takin' it to the hilt like Wilt the Stilt
Tilt your wines and spilt your kilt, just watch your built
So Daddy Rich kick the loop from the Bo man
A Gladiator gladiates upon his own plan

MC Serch
I take to the head, to the head I gots to take
Break like beats, the Serch now starts to partake
Bake like cake and candles, so go on and blow 'em out
Talkin' that yang about a gang that you don't know about
The bass men, the basement, the bass hoods
Taste good, but you don't need it silver treated
I start to waste hoods and hoodies
Goodies that you don't get 'til Halloween
Slidin' into Serch as he strips the scene
Steamin' so vex like the context got you sippin'
Talkin' that crap like your mouth does all the shittin'
So if you want it, come on and get all of this whoopin'
Put your TV on channel 3-B and just be tuned in
Served with a hit and blow straight from the Queens gladiator
Peace, I'm Audi 5000, I'll see ya later

Pete Nice
You deviate and gladiate, at times you bust shots straight
The Bass filled 808, for Pete's sake, don't imitate
The swingin' of a slugger, the chewin' of a cannibal
I smell the pussy like Hannibal
Lec Lec, I'm takin' the step the Gladiator got more
Kickin' it to a hook because you cocked the head, heave ho
Born not the lord, the 3rd, not a spectator
Step into the ring and get smoked by a gladiator

MC Serch
Straight from every city, from every hood they roll in chariots
No more horses, just Porsches and fat knots
Ain't nothin' but hoods, bad as bitches and gun play
You wanna see a Gladiator, come around my way
Fightin' with the same chains and the same knives
Playin' all the same games but takin' all the same lies
If you want some now or some for later
And take a head count for the Gladiator

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