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Things You Never Hear A Girl Say

This song is by 3LW.

Baseball cap
The way you hold this thang will
Throw it back
It's cool if I just keep it real
If you heard what girls really talk about
In other words
If you knew that we think about
The way you walk
The attitude you be catchin' when I piss you off
The little things you don't know you do that turns me on
And it gets me off
There's a lot to what I say
While I put you up on game

Things you never hear a girl say
The things that really drive us crazy
What it's like to be a lady
The things you need to know
To be in love with a girl
Things you never hear a girls say
Things that really drive us crazy
What it's like to be a lady
There's some things you need to know if you wanna be apart of our world

See usually
We don't listen to our body
It confuses things

But occasionally I'll let em' get the best of me
Then the rest of me
And my girls know that's not how its supposed to be
(When you think about lovin')
Then it seems like things just change
It's a chance they just wont take
So they turn and walk away
(When you think about lovin')
Sayin' us girls are just the same
But we do it anyway
Let me put you up on game boy

Don't make me wait for you
But this may take a while
Well you might understand women better if you could just see through our eyes
Women they speak their hearts while men they speak their minds
We're So emotional, we don't know why we saying what we saying half the times
We're not hard as we think
But you know we gotta try
To tell the truth, its confusing, juggling you It's the dealing with my life
All independent women need you understand them
Cause It's a man's world
But I think every man should know

Chorus Repeat

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