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Put Em Up

This song is by 3LW and appears on the album A Girl Can Mack (2002) and on the album Neva Get Enuf (2005).

I saw this guy 6"3
Talking on his celly
Looking at me
I like his vibe
His bedroom eyes (oh yeah mmm mmm)
Across the room the way he moved
Looking all hot in them Timberland boots
I like the things the things he do (oh yeah mmm mmm)
You know it's not for dancing tonight if you want to take a chance
And the single ladies need some attention
I wanna see the fellas make a move, throw it up, give it up,
Don't stop

Put 'em up, if you got money in the bank
Your own credit cards and a drop to see
Put 'em up, if you got a clip on your cash when you go to the club
And you get in for free
Let me see you put 'em up, put 'em up for me, if you like a lady
With class and a dependable man and you know how to treat
Put 'em up, maybe we can go away ride in my escalade I'm
Talking Saturday

Hey sexy boy come with me
Daddy I got the things you need
What's you favorite food caremel cream
Then you need to take, take a piece of me (oh oh oh oh)
Give me all your information, technology, with communications
And I really like the way you function (oh oh oh oh)
And now its time for dancing tonight if you want to take a chance
And my single ladies need some attention
I wanna see the fellas make a move throw it up give it up don't stop

Feel me (feel me)
Throw yo hands up (hands up)
And if you got me (got me)
It's time to party up
Every body hear me you got that good stuff
And let's just get it crunk till you can't get enough (get enough)

East coast rockin' and West coast stay rockin', rockin' 3 L dub
Shakin it, all my thugs watchin
'Cause I'm missing ya put damn hands up, like I'm frisking ya
Compliments to the chef 'cause ya looking scrumptious
Do you want it bump it wiggle it in the middle
Who the thuggin' I hear a girl can mack the planet
Naughty by double I 3l dub damn it
I see I need I like icons for life how you like this feelin' all right
Put you hands up, when I hit you better punch it right
That means if you ain't feel it you ain't touch it right
It's the game and the fame that makes the ladies want it
I could pull up in a hoopdey wit a doughnut on it
I'm too street you too sweet to fight it's never to many to need tonight
I stay thuggin' and keep the ladies lovin' and the party ain't a party if you
Ain't 3l dubbin it

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