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Leave Wit You (I Think I Wanna)

This song is by 3LW and appears on the album A Girl Can Mack (2002).

Lookin' familiar, I don't know,
Have I seen you somewhere before,
Kill the small talk let's hit the floor, (are you ready)
To do something you ain't done before,
I'll work it till you can't take no more,
I think I'm the girl you came here for, (if you can't get it)

I like it
What your doin'
How your movin'
So keep it comin' boy put it on me

I think I wanna leave wit you do you wanna leave wit me
Tell me what you wanna do boy
I think I wanna leave wit you do you wanna leave wit me tell me what you wanna do boy
(If you can't get it)

You're lookin' at me like you want more, so after the party let's explode, turn off the lights

And lock the door, (when we're ready) but we ain't leavin' here till I'm full, freakin' eachother
Till we sore, think I'm the girl you came here for (if you can't get it)

[Rap] Kiely
A yo holla! you say you wanna leave wit me, c'mon balla 'cause I'm about to go grab the key
But don't botha if you small and don't know how, I roll wit big dogs got 'em barkin loud now
I used to be nice but I'ma keep it foul now
Flossin this ice and boy its goin'down, gotcha on your knees like girl come back
Gotcha on my skees cause a girl can mack
Gotcha for all my ladies, from the front to the back
From NY to LA we don't know how to act
And then back to DC where they say my name louder
I know hate them boys/ at the show
They askin how ta
See more of us
Be more wit us
And a couple other topics that we won't discuss
If ya leave wit me
It would make ya girl hate me though
Just like the so so cats on the radio
You know

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